After more than ten years of wind and rain, Guangdong Biquan has developed into a private technology enterprise in Guangdong and a leading agricultural enterprise. It relies on a team full of ideals and passions, as well as an entrepreneurial spirit of continuous pursuit of progress.

  “Talent is our most important asset”, respecting people and creating a harmonious, passionate and conducive environment for the development and development of outstanding talents is the most firm concept held by Guangdong Biquan when employing people. The primary factor for the success of Guangdong Biquan.

  Today's Guangdong Biquan has a group of professionals who are good at management, understand management, and constantly surpass themselves. Through the healthy working environment and harmonious working atmosphere, the company can realize the benign interaction between the company and its employees, thus achieving the ideal lifestyle and struggle. aims. Every success of Guangdong Biquan embodies the wisdom and sweat of every employee, and employees also share the joy of the company's continuous development and growth.

  "Value-added in the work and life of Guangdong Biquan" is the pride of Biquan people. And "to increase the value of Biquan people" is the pursuit of Guangdong Biquan. Today's Guangdong Biquan is a learning organization. The company regularly invites experts and leaders from all walks of life to guide and provide corresponding professional training for employees at all levels to improve their work ability and business level, so that every employee can work. Learn, progress in learning, create oneself, and improve oneself. Let each employee fully realize the happy growth, self-improvement, self-improvement and dream realization of Biquan in Guangdong.

Join us now! Let us work hard together to pursue progress and jointly create a brilliant future for Guangdong Biquan!