Under normal circumstances, you can log in to your official resume website ( and click on “Apply” below the position you are interested in to submit your resume. (CV format can be referred to Please refer to the “Job Application Form” under the “Human Resources” column of our website. Please specify the position and location of your job when you submit your resume. Please indicate the application email in the subject, please indicate the letter and fax in the upper left corner. For recruitment projects such as campus recruitment or open recruitment, please feel free to follow our website for the latest information and go to the recruitment site to get a face-to-face communication.

  The company has established a database of reserve talents. If you feel that there is no suitable position for employment, you can also submit your resume and fill in the position you are interested in. We will archive your information. Once we have the right position, we will be from the talent pool. Call up the information to get in touch with you.

  The Human Resources Department will carefully read the resumes submitted by each job seeker, but will only make further contact and arrangement for qualified job seekers. At the same time, we will store the resumes for the positions that are not suitable for the positions we are applying for. And keep it updated. When a company has a new career opportunity, the Human Resources Department will search for a suitable candidate in the talent pool and actively contact the job seeker.

FAX: 0757-86868707

  If you receive an interview invitation from us, please bring along the original ID and photocopy of the ID card and relevant documents and one-inch recent color photo at the appointed time to participate in our interview. If there is any special reason, please do not go ahead, please explain in advance, otherwise we will regard You give up the interview.

  Company Address: No. 3, Chuangye Avenue, Xiqiao Science and Technology Industrial Park, Nanhai District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province

Foshan City: From Foshan, you can take Bus No. 02 to Guanshan Second Bridge of Xiqiao Old Station to get off at Chuangye Avenue or Shibiancun Station;

  Warm reminder: Here, our company solemnly declares that our recruiting talents will not charge any fees for candidates. Please be alert to the job seekers and beware of being deceived!

If you have any questions, please call 0757-86868708 86868709 Human Resources Department Recruitment Division, thank you!