• (Bean World) How to eat black beans

    Black bean consumption method1Black bean juiceEfficacy: summer health recipes, detoxification recipes, edema recipesIngredients: Black Bean 100g1.

  • (Bean World) The role of black beans

    High protein and low calorie: The protein content of black beans is up to 36% to 40%, which is equivalent to twice the meat content, three times the eggs and twelve times the milk.

  • (Bean World) Black Bean

    Li Shizhen said: "Black beans have more kidneys, so they can control water, reduce swelling, lower gas, cure wind and heat and detoxify blood.

  • (Bean World) Red Bean

    Deciduous tree sea red beans, alias acacia, real red beans, acacia beans (seed red)Adenanthera pavonina: also known as "Acacia", "Acacia", "Peacock Bean". stamens 9, sessile sessile sessate;

  • (Bean World) Mung Bean

    "Green bean clothes" can clear away heat and detoxification, as well as swelling, dilatation and eyesight.It has antipruritic effect, and mung bean is specially used to treat hot itching.